How to start a choir

A choir can add a wonderful dimension to many types of church services, in addition to providing music for special events and temporary housing programs. An effective choir director will realize the hard work and rewards that come with the organization and direction of a church choir.

The choir is that group of people singing together. However, there are different ways of singing , for example, in a single voice , that is, in unison; to several different parts , so with a polyphonic structure . The components belonging to a choir are called choruses or singers . Usually the choir is directed by a director. However, the purpose of this guide is very important. In fact, we will see, through very effective and above all very simple steps, how to create and manage a choir. Carefully follow the steps in this guide to achieve as good a result as satisfactory as possible.

First, if you want to create a choir, you must be aware that to do so you must have the spirit of the leader. Because? Simple, to be able to put together, manage people and voices requires a strong and decisive character. If you have the qualities described above, you just have to find the chants, by posting your ads or using your knowledge. When you name the word “choir” as the first image you might think of the Parish near home. In fact, you could start right there: the pastor will be happy to make available a well-equipped test room.

Once they find the choruses, men for the baritones and baritones, women (contraltos and sopranos), in a choral formation that is usually four voices, they only have to test their abilities. A good reading of the score will be necessary but not essential; where this quality is not present you might be teaching the correct reading. What is really indispensable is good musicality and therefore intonation, although it is not essential to have great ability to sing. You are reading how to create and manage a choir.

Each chorus will have to learn a part and sing it while others sing their own, this is not easy at all and that’s why separate trials will come for each. The trials will be divided for example one day only the sopranos and the contralti and another day the remaining ones. Everyone will learn their part of the score, harmonizing in the chorus, but at the same time keeping their own distinct voice. When you get the optimum performance of the songs, you can add more voices and split the singles vocals. If you work together, with passion and professionalism, the results will be great! Thanks for reading how to create and manage a choir.

Choir members can take turns teaching specific choral topics or a Bible passage. As they get involved in the choir, they will enjoy more participation. Take attendance and have rules about participation. Encourage choir members by offering an annual or biannual recognition banquet or reception. Plan social events so that members can get to know each other.



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