Why join a choir?

A choir is not for the nerds. It is people who love simply love music and like enjoying the rhythm of the song with their fellow members. But simply your love for music is not going to help you be a part of a choir. There are a few etiquette and tips that you need to keep in mind if you are planning to join a choir.

What do you need to know to join a choir?

Synchronization is the most important thing in choir singing. When the people in the choir are singing in different frequencies, synchronizing helps to produce harmony. A frequency mismatch or timing mismatch could destroy a beautiful harmony.

Tip: Always keep your ears open and make sure that you are in tune with everyone else. Make sure that your part blends with everyone else’s vocals and the sound of the instruments in the choir room.

Learn to Read music and improve your sight-singing skills
If you join a choir without having any knowledge about sight-singing, and someone gives you a few notes and asks you to sing it, you might feel like your breath has been sucked right out of your body. A lot of choral conductors lay emphasis on sight-reading because they believe that it indicates a singer’s overall knowledge of music.

Tip: A lot of books and websites provide useful information on how you can learn to read music and improve your sight reading skills.

Practice your Intervals
If you really want to be an excellent choir singer you can’t only focus on your part. That will make you look self-centered. Along with having a good sense of pitch, you must also listen to the other voices singing around you. This is the first step towards practicing your intervals and singing in tune. This will also prove to be useful when you are sight-reading your part in choral rehearsals.

Tip: Focus a lot on improving your listening skills and improve your sight-reading portions.

Learn to read foreign languages through music
The music itself is an expression of literature and it connects across cultures. Reading music in different languages can help you discover different cultures and communicate better through music. Many choirs will have members who can sing in multiple foreign languages. While you’re not expected to have prior experience in this, learning foreign languages can help you to learn at a faster pace and catch up with your fellow members quickly.

Tip: Watch foreign movies and learn a foreign language online from websites.

Be a good choir member by learning everyone’s part
You have worked very hard on your part and now you know it very well. That’s good but that’s not enough. While you really need to prioritize and focus on practicing your part and sing it well, you also need to pay attention to others part to cover up on the bits when needed.

Tip: Attend rehearsals regularly and be assertive and rehearse others parts well

Rehearse well and be a leader

Don’t just imitate and sing what the others are singing. Be confident and lead by example and rehearse well and always maintain the harmony.

Tip: Learn your music ahead of time and improve upon what you already know and always be confident and trust yourself!


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